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The weather, it's impossible to control it, so you need some good protection for when its raining or when the sunshine is too bright. Our collection of umbrella's will not only protect you and your clients/coworkers/friends and relatives against the sunshine and rain, but are also a great way to promote your company/product or activity.

Each umbrella / parasol can be printed with your own design, slogan or logo, what makes it perfect for you marketing activities. The umbrella's can be used in various situations, for example during golf, a day at the beach, a day in the park or when you are out for a walk. No matter if its the golf umbrella or our custom printed stick umbrella, all of them will catch the eye of the people around when they are used.

Please check out our different sizes and types of umbrella's below for a quick quote on price and delivery time or contact us with your special requirements.