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Details about the transportation.

There 2 different options for transporting goods from China to Europe. Each has it's distinct cost structure and transport duration.

Low cost per m3 or kilo, but quite high on fixed fees for documents and customs. Shipping, loading and unloading will take about a month. As we will normally ship only to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, we might need to truck it to your location, which will take some time too.

High cost per kilo and some document and custom fees. Goods will be flown to Amsterdam first and then distributed to your location by truck which will in total take about 1 to 2 weeks.

Some tips to bring down your transportation costs:
Ship multiple items in one order and plan and order ahead of time. Our website will calculate total cost and lead time for your products automatically, no need to worry about them yourself. For really large volumes we can search for a cheaper option, please contact us for that.